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This server contains audio-visual materials used in the Faculty's Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Centre. This material is primarily intended for use in the CALL Centre language lab (B1).

This page provides a basic level of access to the materials via the web for those Faculty students and staff with valid CALL Server login details. If you are a student of the Faculty and don't have a CALL server login, you may request one from the Computer Officer.

Beware that most of the media files on the server are VERY LARGE and may take a long time to download from outside of the University network.

Video and some audio) files must be downloaded (right-click on the link and save) then opened locally; they will not play in the web browser itself.

Materials may only be used for the purposes of language learning, as directed by a member of the Faculty's language teaching staff.

Information from the Faculty Web Site

[!] Students in Emma Wu's Chinese classes can access their course's online environment using the link below (subject to Raven verification):
Online Chinese Worksite

CALL Server Materials


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